All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. -Marc Chagall

i love color.  no….really, i LOVE it.  just about anything that is bright and loud catches my attention.  especially stripes and vintage patterns and color schemes.  it makes me feel alive, happy & invigorated.  i once heard from a counselor that when people are depressed or feeling insecure they almost always wear greys and blacks.  now this doesn’t mean that everyone who wears greys and blacks is always feeling down, but the counselor said it can be an indicator that they don’t want to be noticed, or that they feel unnoticed.  interesting….  so when i am feeling down, or unnoticeable i charge myself to wear color and resist the urge to cloak myself in black.

a dear friend of mine that has spectacular eye for style once shared a secret with me about his keen fashion sense.  he said to wear at least one article of clothing that might be considered a “costume piece”.  for me that piece is usually a pop of color, or some vintage flare.  so if you’re feeling down or unnoticeable this cold February, or you just need more color in your life, here’s my color inspiration.

“Be loud, let your colorshow” – The Avett Brothers

a fragment of my bright shoe collection, and my favorite flower backdropped by my favorite sky.

i went blonde a few years ago.  it was fun.

colors via

via, via, via

i would wear ALL of these – yep….i know they’re tacky but i kind of love them. (well, maybe not the elbow & knee pads).

via, via, via and via

vintage colors & prints are so beautiful to me.  i think i just appreciate how loud and unapologetic they are.

me and via

the world is a palette, take advantage of it’s diversity


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