Sparrow Song – My three year old’s third heart surgery

Sparrow in FL

Wednesday October 16th, 2013 at 6:00am

Sparrow is undergoing her third open heart surgery.  The Fontan with a fenestration.  Surgery is 4-6 hours long.  They stop her heart, put her on a bypass machine and repair what was defected before she was even born: double inlet left ventricle, a transposition of the great arteries and an interrupted aortic arch.

Post-op she will be in intensive care for a few days, then will be admitted for two weeks at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC.  I am packing my suitcase and sleeping bag and plan to never leave her side.

Here’s a little video some friends of mine volunteered to put together for me:

A dear friend advised me to put together a list of items that Sparrow may need during her recovery time. It always surprises me, but people ask me what they can do to help. Here’s a list of ways you can help, or items you might already have that you can donate.  I am going to donate most of the items to Levine Children’s Hospital after Sparrow’s stay, so that more sick children will be blessed by your donations.

*Age-appropriate movies (DVD’s)

*Books & puzzles – the girl LOVES books and puzzles!

*Art & Education – paper, pens, colors, crayons and anything that would assist her in learning how to write her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc…  She is VERY interested in learning and naturally with me being a teacher, I’d rather stoke that fire than let her watch 5 Disney movies a day.

*Anything with or having to do kitties – she’s obsessed. Hello Kitty, stuffed kitties, cats, kittens, lions, tigers, she loves them all.  She sings Katy Perry’s “Roar” everyday.

*Sparrow has a Leapster Explorer and a Leapster Tag – games and books for both of these devices would be a HUGE help!  They are educational and entertaining.

*Sparrow also loves Squinkies – they’re tiny figurines that she collects.

*Flowers, balloons, cards, accessories, and treats

Here is a PO Box to mail items to:

401 Hawthorne Lane                                                                                                           Suite 110 #200                                                                                                            Charlotte, NC 28204

*Some people have expressed a desire to help financially. This amazes me and completely blows my mind. But if you would like to give money towards Sparrow’s medical bills and the family’s financial needs here is a link her fundraising site: Support Sparrow Song 

buckle up.  it’s go time.


smiles at the doctor

tractor girl



9 Replies to “Sparrow Song – My three year old’s third heart surgery”

  1. A friend Rachel sent me the link to your post & to your funds sight. I am so moved, I hope you don’t mind I blogged about it as well, sharing a picture & the links with my readers. You & Sparrow will be prayed over, & you are both loved.

    xx, Samantha

  2. A friend posted this on Facebook; as someone who lives fairly close to you all in Charlotte, this caught my attention and I am praying for your little Sparrow. May the operation go as planned, and may Sparrow live a full, healthy life with no more need for further operations, AMEN!

  3. I came across this link as I was passing by the web. I pray for God hand to be over her little body as well as the family. God I ask you to wrap the family in your arms and let them feel your presence in the hospital room and everywhere they go.

  4. My 2 yr old granddaughter is having Fontan surgery_ April 25. She has several other heart problems as well and is on a heart transplant list. I pray for Sparrow….its unbelievable the strength my Presley shows everyday. Know that your family is in my prayers and thoughts are with you all. Keep FAITH….GOD IS SO GOOD!

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